Wild Hazel provides programs and a platform for people like you, who care deeply about our shared world, to learn how to live in alignment with your personal values in today’s context and systems -- and become your best self in the process.

The core program guides you through a personal transformation to rediscover and realign with your "Natural Paradigm," and provides access to a community for sharing insights, inspiration, creativity, and wisdom that emerge along the way.

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​Re-Aligning with Nature:

Ecological Thinking

for Radical Innovation

written by Denise DeLuca
illustrated by Stef Koehler

Much of the content in the Wild Hazel School emerged from the thinking that inspired the book Re-Aligning with Nature, Ecological Thinking for Radical Innovation.

You can buy the book at your favorite bookseller, visit our companion site Re-Aligning with Nature, or go to the All Products page here in the school where you can access a downloadable pdf of the book.

Hi, I’m Denise DeLuca

My background in engineering and love of nature and creative thinking has led me to become a pragmatic progressive, a rational radical, perhaps an enigmatic engineer.

My driving aspiration is to help people – all of us -- realign with nature and our own human nature to support and serve our world. I work with people to explore nature’s paradigms, principles, and practices to generate the wildly innovative thinking needed to address real and relevant challenges, from the highly technical to the highly personal.

My greatest joy comes from enlightening, empowering, and equipping others so they can use their full creative capacity in making the world a better place.

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